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What happened in The Asia Sesion

What happened in Asia Session

As we are near the European Open, traders might wanna look into what happened in the Asia session:

  • Japan’s PM Kishida: Next week, we will review virus border restrictions.
  • China’s Head of Foreign Ministry Arms Control Fu Cong: The US claim of China expanding its nuclear arsenal is false.
  • BoJ’s Governor Kuroda: I believe the global economy will recover, led by advanced economies.
  • South Korea’s ruling party candidate Lee: An additional budget of 25-30 trillion won would be reasonable.
  • China banks may increase lending in the 1Q despite a slowing economy – China Securities Journal.
  • The U.S. Indeces reaching another all-time high, while the health sector of S&P is on the red.
  • Dialy 1 million covid case in U.S.
  • Indonesia has banned coal exports in January (biggest customers includes China)
  • Crypto mostly drop in Asia session

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