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Bitcoin Prediction 2022 Update | The Withdrawal Symptoms


Bitcoin Prediction 2022 Update from Trading Cocktail. We try to put our fundamental compilation and predict where bitcoin will be headed this year.

Several shifts happening in the market environment, the core fundamental point in this Bitcoin Prediction is:

  • Inflation overshoot in the global economy
  • The end of pandemic fear
  • Hawkish Fed and the shift to tightening policies

These main theme changes will have a significant impact on asset classes. Including Bitcoin, which is one of the top asset class performances back in 2021.


Bitcoin Prediction
Visual Capitalist infographic on Asset Classes 2021 Performance


Inflation overshoot in the global economy

This 2022 and forward will be dominated by the effort to fight inflation. Especially in US and UK. This alarmingly high inflation canceled all “transitory” themes the Central Banks try to maintain. All the money printings and liquidity injections get into asset classes as we see everything nonstop all-time high here and there, especially on equities and cryptocurrencies.

The rising wage and tight labor market, declining unemployment, less restriction from regulators around the globe now adding fuel into burning inflation. Not to mention the animal instinct of humans after being domesticated in the house for so long, will be compensated in more aggressive consumption and outdoor activities. In some sense, this is all good for the economy, but many economic forecasters are worried this will overheat and create the boomerang effect when the Central Banks failed to neutralize it.

Bitcoin Prediction
PCE is the most important tool for FED to determine the next policies.




The end of pandemic fear

We have published our stance on Omicron which seems in line with today’s situation. Although the infection numbers skyrocketing, the fatality rates are pretty mild. This is the natural universal vaccination and not to mention the vaccination numbers in the major big country economy is very high. The equilibrium between humans and viruses for survival is on the way to being achieved. This is bullish for the economy and is also connected to inflation. There’s probable supply chain problems and bottleneck here and there. However, this seems to be easing from time to time. If it ain’t so, it will be burning the inflation for more.

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Hawkish Fed and the shift to tightening policies

This is the most fundamental point. Several days ago we see the most dovish guy in the office, Fed Kaskhari, turn hawkish and aware of the danger of inflation. From zero expected rate increases in 2022 two increases. The dot plot or Summary of Economic Prediction shows an increase in the median expected path of the federal funds rate over the next few years.

This mean that there will be no stop to hard brakes on money printing.


We will see outflow from asset classes, even last year we already saw some big money outflow from stocks. And withdrawal symptoms will start to kick in as there are not so many ‘easy money drugs’ anymore which creates crazy valuation in asset classes. This money probably will be used more in the real economic sectors.

The same goes for crypto, multiple record outflow has happened, including yesterday. The incoming bear market will be more likely in the short and middle term. The only thing that can bring cryptocurrencies growth is another easing mode of central banks.



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March Update:

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