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Extreme Growth

Extreme Growth to Sustainable Value Shift

As this year doves turn into hawks, transitory a.k.a ‘Fed’s inflation-dismissal rhetoric’ expired into overheat, low-interest rate hike into higher interest rate, pandemic turns into bright economic reopening. Then the Extreme growth in asset classes forces to adopt into sustainable value shift a.k.a real growth way.

The reality of less ‘easy money drugs’ injection will compensate for behavior change and also withdrawal symptoms from the users, in this case, the corporates. Overvalued asset classes will recalibrate into a more realistic valuation. This is why many forecasters agree on a better economic landscape and a weak stock market for 2022.

Why don’t we title it “Extreme Growth to Great Reset”? Probably later 🙂

M2 and asset classes
M2 Money stock and Asset Classes Growth





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