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U.S. Session Heads Up January, 19 2022

What’s previously in the news:

  • US Mortgage Interest Rates Climb For 4th Straight Week
  • German Inflation Eases In December For First Time In Six Months
  • UK Inflation Surprise Lifts Chances Of February Rate Rise
  • ECB’ Villeroy: ECB Would Act If Inflation More Persistent
  • Germany Surpasses 100,000 Daily Covid-19 Cases For First Time
  • 10-Year Treasury Yield Hits 1.9% As Investors Bet On Rate Hikes
  • German Bond Yield Turns Positive for First Time Since 2019
  • Dollar Holds Near Weekly High, Sterling Takes Inflation Data In Stride
  • Bitcoin Sags In 2022 Under Weight Of Stock Selloff And Fed Policy
  • Oil Holds Gain Above 2014 High With IEA Bullish On Outlook
  • US Stock Futures Waver, EU Stocks Edge Higher As Bond Yields Rise
  • China Notifies Firms Of Tougher Investment Rules For Big Tech
  • Risk environment improve as stocks manage to have some rebound

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