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Gold Trading Gauge | Simple logic | Trading Cocktail

Gold Trading Gauge | Simple logic

This should be an easy to follow as broad picture of sentiment/fundamental of gold. We always use this as gauge in gold trading.


Gold Trading Gauge, The ‘Why’ Insight:

The other way to keep your money is to put it in a savings account or into bonds that aren’t very risky and will pay you interest. People who invest in gold lose money when interest rates go up because the yields on savings accounts and bonds also go up, which makes gold less appealing as a long-term investment. It is very important to look at the interest rate when you are trying to figure out how much gold is worth. Storage costs and insurance are two more things to think about. The price of the commodity will be the sum of all of these things.

Thereafter, how the price moves depends on things like the movement of the US Dollar and things like demand and supply.


Warning: This is the broader view, not the detail specific method for entry.


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