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New York Session Heads Up | Feb 18 2022 | trading Cocktail

New York Session Heads Up | Feb 8 2022

What happened before:
  • Republicans To Thwart Iran Deal If Biden Skips Congressional Review
  • European Chip Production Plan Aim To Ease Dependency On Asia
  • ECB’s De Cos: Any Monetary Policy Tightening Has To Be Gradual
  • French Pres Macron: Assurances From Putin Of No More Escalation
  • EU Prolong Britain’s Euro Clearing Until 2025, Will Be Final Extension
  • Government Bonds Under Pressure As MonPol Tightening Anticipated
  • Euro Struggles To Stay Above $1.14 After ECB Lagarde’s Comments
  • BTC Rebound Hits $45.5K As Focus Switches To Future Support Retests
  • Oil Slips From 7-Year Highs On High Ahead Of Further US And Iran Talks
  • US Stock Futures Waver Amid Earnings, BP Profits Help Lift EU Stocks
  • China State Funds Said To Buy Quantity Of Stocks To Slow Market Decline
  • China Eases Property Loan Curbs As Housing Market Continues Slump

Economic Data Releases:

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