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European Session Heads Up | Feb 3, 2022 | Trading Cocktail

European Session Heads Up | Feb 23 2022

What happened before this:

  • US Secretary Of State Blinken: Meeting With Russia’s Lavrov Cancelled
  • White House’s Psaki Confirms Biden-Putin Meeting Off The Table
  • Bostic: Fed Is Poised to Cut Economic Help Swiftly Despite Tensions
  • Biden Imposes Wave Of Sanctions On Russia For Ukraine ‘Invasion’
  • New Zealand’s Central Bank Hikes Rates For Third Consecutive Time
  • RBNZ’s Governor Orr: Cannot Rule Out 50 Bps Hikes In Future
  • Three Fed Banks Voted To Increase Discount Rate In January
  • New Zealand Dollar Jumps As RBNZ Flags More Hikes Ahead
  • Global Bond Yields Bounce Back As Rate-Hike Bets Regain Vigour
  • Oil Steadies As Traders Weigh US Sanctions, Iran Negotiations
  • Asia-Pacific Markets Rise, Investors Watch Deepening Ukraine Crisis
Economic Data:


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