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Nato Secretary-General: We Will Strengthen Nato’s Defense Capabilities

  • British Pm Johnson Told Meeting Of Finance Industry Representatives, Regulators That Britain Wanted The Toughest Possible Next Tranche Of Russia Sanctions And He Thinks That Could Change The Outcome – Government Source
  • Finnish Foreign Ministry: We Decided To Temporarily Move Our Embassy From Kiev To Lviv Due To The Security Situation
  • Eu Delegation Head To U.N Olof Skoog Says We Call On All States Not To Recognize Donetsk And Luhansk And To Reject Russia’s Actions
  • Russian Ambassador To The United Nations: Ukraine Has Not Fulfilled Its Obligations In The Minsk Agreements
  • Russia Delegate: West Could Not Convince Kiev To Change Its Behavior
  • Russia Delegate: International Community Shows Clear Indifference Towards Lugansk And Donetsk Peoples

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