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New York Session Heads Up | Feb 25 2022

What happened before this:

  • Russian Forces Converge On Ukraine’s Capital After Missile Barrage
  • Kremlin: Will Only Talk To Ukraine Once Military Lays Down Arms
  • Ukraine Signals Readiness For Talks With Russia On Neutral Status
  • Lawmakers Press Biden For Tougher Russia Sanctions Over Invasion
  • Fed’s Waller: Should Lift Rates A Full Percentage Point By Mid-Year
  • ECB Policymakers Told Ukraine War May Shave 0.3%-0.4% Off GDP
  • BoE’s Mann Says Inflation Expectations Drove Vote For 50 Bp Hike
  • German Economy Shrank Less Than Initially Reported At Year End
  • French Inflation Tops Estimates In February As Energy Prices Soar
  • European Equity Markets Partly Rebound From Yesterday’s Slump
  • Rouble Up From Record Low With Ukraine War, Sanctions In Focus
  • Oil Prices Take Breather As Russia Advances Further On Ukraine


Economic Release Data:

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