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European Session Heads Up | Feb 18 2022 | Trading Cocktail

European Session Heads Up | March 16 2022

What happened before this:

  • Russia Bombards Kyiv As European Leaders Arrive In Ukraine’s Capital
  • Ukrainian President: Positions Of Ukraine, Russia Sound More Realistic
  • Ukrainian Official: Talks Are Very Difficult, Sees Room For Compromise
  • Fitch: Russian Rouble Payment Of USD Coupons Would Be A Default
  • Fed Wrestles With Challenge Of How Quickly To Raise Interest Rates
  • Biden Signs $1.5 Trillion Government Funding Bill With Ukraine Aid
  • China Home Price Declines Deepen As Slump Shows No End In Sight
  • Japan March Manufacturers’ Mood Up, Ukraine Crisis Clouds Outlook
  • Japan Posts Bigger-Than-Expected Trade Gap As Energy Imports Jump
  • Possible North Korea Ballistic Missile Fails Immediately After Launch
  • Oil Climbs As Russia-Ukraine Ceasefire Talks Stoke Volatile Trading
  • China Stocks Extend Rebound As State Council Vows Market Support





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