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Bitcoin 2022 Miami, The Biggest Conference in the World of Cryptocurrency is just around the corner. Here’s things to look forward to

Bitcoin 2022 Miami. There will be the world’s largest Bitcoin conference taking place in Miami Beach this week from April 6th to 9th. This includes the introduction of Ethereum and El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele’s revelation that he intends to legalize Bitcoin.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come at this week’s Bitcoin 2022 Miami conference.


Industry Day: Executives, VCs, Whales & More

On what is known as Industry Day, the opening day of the event gets underway. Down the beginning of the event, business and media members get a chance to settle in and discuss the most pressing issues. VCs, other high-net-worth people, and more than 6,000 industry professionals will be in attendance, along with 80 keynote speakers and over 4,000 exhibitors.

After a “Welcome to Bitcoin 2022 Miami” presentation on the Nakamoto Main Stage, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano and Galaxy Digital founder Mike Novogratz will have a fireside discussion. The first of many panels, discussions, and other events is about to begin.


Pitch Day: A BTC-Style Shark Tank

As part of the Industry Day celebrations, there is Pitch Day, an opportunity for young entrepreneurs and creative ideas to showcase their products in front of a Shark Tank-style panel of investors. It includes a keynote address by ABC Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, as well as a host of other prominent figures in the financial industry.


Main Conference Day 1: Saylor, Wood, Thiel, Mallers, & Bukele

The main conference for Bitcoin 2022 Miami will open to the public on July 7th. The conversation between MicroStrategy CEO and Bitcoin hoarder Michael Saylor and outspoken Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood was a highlight of the second day of the conference.

Saifedean Ammous, Francis Pouliot, Pierre Rochard, Preston Pysh, Matt Odell, Dylan LeClair, and a slew of more well-known Bitcoiners will be in attendance as well. On the 7th, tech entrepreneur Peter Thiel and El Salvador’s President Nayibe Bukele will deliver keynote speeches. Jack Mallers, the creator of Strike, made a statement at the conclusion of the day.

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Main Conference Day 2: Back, Carter, & Senator Lummis

There will also be further discussion panels and roundtables on the most pressing issues confronting the Bitcoin business such as mining, regulation, and so on, on the eighth day. Some well-known first names reappear, including Nic Carter, Adam Back, Lyn Alden, Jameson Lopp, and Senator Cynthia Lummis. Mike Novogratz, CEO of BTC Inc., will deliver the last keynote at Bitcoin 2022 Miami, followed by closing comments from David Bailey.


Sound Money Fest: World’s First Bitcoin Music Festival

Despite the fact that Bitcoin 2022 Miami comes to an end on the 9th, the event is far from over. Sound Money Fest, a BTC-centric music event featuring performances by Steve Aoki, Logic, Run The Jewels, Deadmau5, and more, will take place on the 10th of the conference.

Similarly to Industry Day’s Pitch Day, Sound Money Fest’s mic drops take the place of the usual pounding speakers and beat drops. A second stage features stand-up from some of the best comics in the business, including Hannibal Buress, Michael Rapaport, Jay Pharoah, and others.


Bitcoin 2022 Miami After Hours & Activities

After a week of conferences and all-night cocktail parties hosted by big industry firms, you may still have the stamina to pump your fist. An invitation-only party at the Versace Mansion is being organized by Paxos. For a “Anti-Fiat Social Club” starring Tiesto, SoFi has taken over LIV Nightclub, and eToro has done the same with STORY.

With Diplo, Bassjackers, and an as-yet-unannounced special guest DJ, Rare Vibes AVClub is kicking off Bitcoin Week with a party. Additionally, Fold and Compass Mining, art exhibitions, gatherings, and more may be found in the calendar of events There are other unusual occurrences. As an example, there is a live Bitcoin-only automobile auction, where bids are being accepted for the first ever Toyota Prius to be acquired in BTC. The automobile was purchased for a sum equal to one thousand bitcoins (BTC) by an early Bitcoin developer. Today, the coins are worth an estimated $46 million.


Crypto Conference Gets Bazaar, Art Gallery & More

There’s a live auction of rare and one-of-a-kind artwork at the “Bitcoin Renaissance” art exhibit, if the week’s events aren’t already jam-packed. Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, a late medieval and Renaissance historian, will give a talk during the auction, and there will be lots of announcements from companies.

The Bitcoin Lightning Network powers the Bitcoin Bazaar, a peer-to-peer marketplace. More than 40 vendors will be selling anything from antiques, home products, books, comics, apparel, art, jewelry, gadgets, watches, and more at this event. The facility will include a Bitcoin 2022 Miami Volcano sponsored by Cash App, as well as an eSports arena .

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