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Fed's Lael Brainard on Inflation and the Labor Market | Trading Cocktail

Fed’s Lael Brainard on Inflation and the Labor Market | Watch Live and summary

Fed’s Lael Brainard on Inflation and the Labor Market | Watch Live and summary. Previous commentary (newest on the top):

  • Fed’s Brainard: B/Sheet Runoff Could Be Worth 2-3 Additional Rate Hikes Through Entire Course Of The Rundown
  • Fed’s Brainard: To Be Very Cautious About Making Predictions, Says She Is Watching Core Inflation ‘Very Carefully’
    • Moderation In Core Inflations Will Give Confidence We’ll Achieve 2% Inflation, But Timeline Uncleara
  • Fed’s Brainard: I Don’t Want To Be Too Rigid In Appropriate Course Of Policy This Year And Next
  • Fed’s Brainard Sees Median Funds-Rate Path Rising Over Course Of 2022
  • Fed’s Brainard: Neutral Rate May Continue To Be At Low Historic Level, Committed To Bringing Inflation Back To 2% Goal
  • Fed’s Brainard: China’s ‘Zero Covid’ Policy Has The Potential To Lengthen Out Supply Chain Constraints
  • Fed’s Brainard: Ukraine Invasion Contributing To Inflation Issues, Skews Inflation Risk To Upside
  • Fed’s Brainard: Plenty Of Room For Business To Trim Job Openings, Expects To See Labour Demand Coming Down As Policy Moved To More Neutral Levels
  • Fed’s Brainard: Demand Expected To Moderate; Fiscal To Be A Drag In ’22
    • Sees Spillover From Slower Growth Abroad, Less Stimulus From Fiscal Side
    • Recovery Can Be Sustained ‘Even As We Bring Inflation Down’
  • Fed’s Brainard: Will Be Looking For Moderating Core Inflation, Declining Categories With Outsized Increases
    • Inflation Too High And Getting It Down Top Task
    • US Labour Market, Economy Overall Has Seen Very Strong Demand
  • Fed’s Brainard: Will Be Watching To See If We Continue To See Moderation In Inflation In Months Ahead
  • Fed’s Brainard: Commodities Price Shock Is Driving Topline Inflation – WSJ
    • Russia’s Invasion Is Driving Topline Of Inflation, Especially Energy
    • Most Focused On Core Inflation For Assessing Path Of MonPol
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Note: Brainard is usually the most dovish Fed member.

Fed’s Lael Brainard on Inflation and the Labor Market | Watch Live and summary

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