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New York Session Heads Up June 06 2022

New York Session Heads Up June 27 2022

New York Session Heads Up June 27 2022

  • G7 To Hike Sanctions On Russia, Nears Oil Price Cap Deal
  • Russian Bond Payment Deadline Passes
  • UK PM Says New NI Trade Law Could Be Passed This Year
  • Biden Commits USD200 Bn To Global Infrastructure Plan
  • IMF Downgrades US Growth Forecast
  • Spain May Consumer Goods PPI Increased 0.6%
  • Spain Approves EUR9.1 Bn Energy Aid Package Extension
  • Norway Retail Sales Sustain Decline, Falling Again In May
  • European Stocks Not Yet Pricing In Recession – Morgan Stanley
  • Google Hit With Antitrust Complaint By Danish Job Search Rival
  • Mondelez To Reopen War-Damaged Potato-Chip Plant Outside Kyiv
  • US Natural Gas Extends Drop On Growing Supply And Cooler Weather
  • BIS: Leading Economies At Risk Of Falling Into High-Inflation Trap
  • US And G-7 Allies Detail Infrastructure Plan To Challenge China
  • KPMG: Inflation Tipped To Push UK Economy Into Recession
  • UK Proceeds With Legislation To Change N Ireland Trading Regime
  • BoJ Focused On Wages, Yen, No Debate On Tweaking Yield Cap
  • China’s Economy Improves In June From Lockdown-Induced Slump
  • China’s PBoC Makes Biggest Daily Cash Injection In Three Months
  • China’s Industrial Profits Slump For Second Month In May
  • PBoC Adviser: China GDP Target ‘Difficult’ To Achieve
  • Australian Treasurer Chalmers Sees Inflation ‘Problem’ Worsening
  • Iran Launches Rocket Into Space As Nuclear Talks To Resume
  • Russia Defaults On Foreign Debt For First Time Since 1918
  • Dollar Shelters Under Recession Clouds As Investors Put Safety First
  • Crude Oil Prices Gain, Supported by Tight Supply
  • Ecuador Energy Ministry: Oil Production Could Stop In 48 Hours
  • G-7 Weighs Russia Oil-Price Cap Via Insurance, Shipping Ban
  • Asian Stocks Buoyed By Wall Street Gains, Futures Follow Suit
  • Tesla, Ford and GM Raise EV Prices as Costs, Demand Grow
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