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New York Session Heads Up August 5 2022 | Trading Cocktail

New York Session Heads Up August 5 2022

New York Session Heads Up August 5 2022

  • US To Report July Employment As Inflation And Fed Hikes Hit Economy
  • Senator Sinema Announces Deal With Schumer On Taxes And Climate
  • White House Summons The Chinese Ambassador For Rebuke On Taiwan
  • Beijing Halts High-Level US Military Dialogue US, Ends Other Cooperation
  • German Industrial Production Rose In June Despite The Supply Problems
  • BoE Governor Bailey: BoE Concerned Companies Are Raising Their Prices
  • BoE Chief Economist: Shouldn’t Assume Another 50 Basis Points In Sep
  • Crude Prices Rise Slightly From Multi-Month Lows On Supply Concerns
  • US Dollar, Treasury Yields Edge Higher Ahead Of Jobs Report At 13:30 BST
  • European Equity Markets In The Red, Energy Stocks Leading Declines
  • Fed’s Mester Reiterates Resolve To Curb Inflation With Hikes
  • Vital US Senator Sinema Agrees To $430Bln Drug, Energy Bill
  • Dems Drop Carried Interest Change, Adds Stock Buyback Tax
  • US July Job Growth Set To Be Robust, But Could Slow Ahead
  • Iran Nuclear Talks Resume, Both Sides Play Down Prospects
  • China Missiles Likely Fired Over Taiwan, Increasing Tensions
  • UN Sees North Korea Tests Explosive Devices At Nuclear Site
  • RBA Sees Faster Inflation, Wages As Signals More Rate Hikes
  • Truss Says UK Recession Avoidable Ahead Of Economic Storm
  • German Cabinet Agrees To Consumer Gas Levy From October
  • Tesla Holders Agree To 3-To-1 Stock Split At Shareholder Meet
  • Lufthansa Ground Staff Agree Pay Deal In Third Round Of Talks


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