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Last Post of TC.. Thanks to the Readers and Beloved Friends!

Due to the abusive use of stupid brain (not power) exercised by moderators a.k.a modretarded at tradingview, the bitter slow useless IQ of their community manager (lower than stupid dog IQ) and their low sex life of his foot soldiers. TC got permanent ban for his contribution on upgrading the community IQ’s. But thats not a problem at all since there’s no use to contributing for their website there. I encourage everyone to use other platform or build your own platform other than posting or streaming shits there. Plenty of platform even pay the contributors.


Special thanks to gacox, vanqbob, saaci, xc, smalllong (paki zaki), pax, and all the senile monkeys. U guys rock!

See you on the next royal rumbles.



About Trading Cocktail

The team consists of Marco, Fundamental, and Technical Analyst.
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4 months ago

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