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Quick Opinion Update on Omicron Front

Scary numbers coming across the world. The forecasted explosion in cases is well underway. Hospitalization up, primary healthcare services pretty much close down in large part of Europe, deaths up, cases up, the only thing ‘positive; is omicron data keep pointing to a milder version of the virus. Meanwhile, restrictions is coming in big part of the world. Thousands of Flights canceled worldwide, numbers expected to be more than 10k cancelation.

As you know and as the indexes show, this is very good news for stocks as the market starts pricing into FED and Central Banks to show more dovishness via omicron impact and all the rhetoric. While we still see omicron is the equilibrium between human and virus, massive auto vaccination, not going to be worse than Delta or previous variant. Highly doubtful that the impact will be catastrophic, but If governments miscalculate it and underestimate the impact of this new variant wave. We are going to have a very ugly 2022 and double whammy with inflation. Unlocking the gate to stagflation next year.

Yearly close starts tomorrow. As the market seem choppy for now. Wish you all a happy holiday!

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