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Happy New Year 2022 financial road
The Roadmap of 2022 economic projection

The 2022 Economic Forecast, Happy New Year!

On the first day of the brand new year, we bring you a compilation of the 2022 Economic Forecast. The 2021 highlight is some setbacks in the economy due to the emergence of the Delta variant, but the global economy is recovering in pretty much a robust number of 5.1 percent. 2022 will likely bring another year of above-potential recovery growth. Deglobalization and faster-than-expected inflation will be the main theme of 2002. At the same time, the decarbonization of economies will be in line and create challenges, opportunities, and possible problems for global growth.

Here is an infographic on economic outlook:

Global Economic outlook 2022 infographic
Global Economic outlook 2022 infographic

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The new 2022 days start with the held back by supply chain crisis and the rapid spread of Omicron as we know it. Compare to the 2021 5,1% global growth estimation, most economist comes out with 4% for 2022.

The year ahead will be dominated by efforts to fight inflation along with climate change, while global economic growth will be reasonably strong and stock markets weak, according to an economic forecaster. The biggest issue facing the monetary policymakers a.k.a Central Banks is likely to be inflation. Especially in the US and UK  after some rapid inflation overshoot in the 4th quarter of 2021 which some officials brand as “alarmingly high inflation” after they were busy with their “transitory” mode.

While wages rise amid the tight labor market, declining unemployment, and growing numbers of vacancies. We are facing the rolling back of quantitative easings a.k.a hard brake on money printings. This is the year where the policy change. The 2022 Economic Forecast from economists mostly agree that the global economic growth will be reasonably strong and stock markets weak, perhaps we will see the ‘withdrawal symptoms’ on stocks especially in the US.

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