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10 Days Rally of Oil Showing No Impact of Omicron Hit Yet

OPEC+ Agrees On 400K BPD Oil-Output Hike For March - Delegates | Trading Cocktail

WTI crude futures steadied around $76 a barrel. Traders now await the next OPEC+ meeting on January 4th, as the group is set to decide whether to go ahead with a planned 400,000 barrels per day production increase in February. On the other hand, investors grew confident there will be no need to impose more restrictions on movements amid more …

Elon Musk on Vaccine Polarization

Here we go again the pro-vaccine and the anti-vaccine. Like our latest post about the outlook on vaccines, we are still seeing the probable bullish economy. Omicron is the equilibrium between human and virus, massive auto vaccination, highly doubtful that the impact will be catastrophic. But as usual, we never married to some fixed idea, and keep eyes on the …

Quick Opinion Update on Omicron Front

Scary numbers coming across the world. The forecasted explosion in cases is well underway. Hospitalization up, primary healthcare services pretty much close down in large part of Europe, deaths up, cases up, the only thing ‘positive; is omicron data keep pointing to a milder version of the virus. Meanwhile, restrictions is coming in big part of the world. Thousands of …

Asia Session Market Wrap Up

Asian equities were neutral as US stocks rose to a new all-time high amid light trading in the final days of the year. Treasury yields continued to rise. China’s damaged property developers and regulatory crackdown are once again in the spotlight as the year 2022 approaches. Two investors holding China Evergrande dollar bonds with coupons, due Tuesday, complained they had …

World record, U.S. reports 484,377 new coronavirus cases

Official Ponder What it means to be ‘fully vaccinated’ Latest US omicron update: Record caseloads have been reported in list of U.S. cities where vaccination are relatively high, including New YOrk, Washington, Seattle, San Franscisco, Boston, Atlanta and Detroit. Attachments Screenshot_1 (168 kB)106993750-1640611780067-106993750-16406117242021-12-26t184840z_2013001792_rc2hmr94v5wn_rtrmadp_0_health-coronavirus-usa-variant (52 kB)Screenshot_2 (49 kB)Screenshot_3 (89 kB)

Central Banks perspective toward Crypto

One of many threats to cryptocurrency is, will it survive the regulators? This visualization will give you some idea. Attachments central-banks-digital-currency-cbdc-infographic (2 MB)1 Nzw2WbgsOuBdKEspCIpYVA (121 kB)