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New York Session Heads Up | Feb 8 2022

New York Session Heads Up | Feb 18 2022 | trading Cocktail

What happened before: Republicans To Thwart Iran Deal If Biden Skips Congressional Review European Chip Production Plan Aim To Ease Dependency On Asia ECB’s De Cos: Any Monetary Policy Tightening Has To Be Gradual French Pres Macron: Assurances From Putin Of No More Escalation EU Prolong Britain’s Euro Clearing Until 2025, Will Be Final Extension Government Bonds Under Pressure As …

New York Session Heads Up | Feb 7 2022

New York Session Heads Up April 7 2022 | trading cocktail

What happened before: Omicron Likely Slowed US Job Growth, Losses Possible; Data At 13:30 GMT US Lawmakers Emerge From Russia-Ukraine Briefings Bracing For Invasion House Democrats Attempt Balancing Act On China Competitiveness Bill ECB Professional Forecasters Survey Sees Inflation Under Target Next Year ECB’s Kazimir: Inflation Risks Clearly On Upside, Will Not Hesitate To Act Goldman And Deutsche See ECB …

This Volatile Opinion

This Volatile Opinion | trading cocktail

US10Y yield about to reach 2.0%, oil get into $100 soon, and huge beat on job creation (NFP) 467,000 compared to the median forecast of 125,000 kick the previous ADP release out of the picture. With all the growth stats above the pre-pandemic level all across the major economy,  rising wage, workers scarcity. Inflation inevitably will burn more hotter, and …