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World record, U.S. reports 484,377 new coronavirus cases

Official Ponder What it means to be ‘fully vaccinated’ Latest US omicron update: Record caseloads have been reported in list of U.S. cities where vaccination are relatively high, including New YOrk, Washington, Seattle, San Franscisco, Boston, Atlanta and Detroit. Attachments Screenshot_1 (168 kB)106993750-1640611780067-106993750-16406117242021-12-26t184840z_2013001792_rc2hmr94v5wn_rtrmadp_0_health-coronavirus-usa-variant (52 kB)Screenshot_2 (49 kB)Screenshot_3 (89 kB)

Supply and Demand, The Very Basic of Price Movement

Demand and supply

  Let’s talk about Supply and Demand. Nowadays, everyone is talking about the market, which includes a wide range of instruments, commodities, traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies, and other derivatives, all having dynamic price movements. Everything is said with the lips, and transactions can be completed in a fraction of a second. The dynamic price movement is created by these factors, as …

Central Banks perspective toward Crypto

One of many threats to cryptocurrency is, will it survive the regulators? This visualization will give you some idea. Attachments central-banks-digital-currency-cbdc-infographic (2 MB) 1 Nzw2WbgsOuBdKEspCIpYVA (121 kB)