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GBPJPY Prediction Q3 2002 | Trading Cocktail

GBPJPY Prediction Q3 2022

GBPJPY Prediction Q3 2022.

Recent anxiety that the global economy risks a hard landing as central banks race to confront inflation has helped reduce market pressure on the BOJ, with fewer speculative bets against the yen and Japanese assets.

By remaining pat, the BOJ looks ready to become the last holdout on rates among major developed economies later Thursday, assuming the European Central Bank follows ahead with its first raise in more than a decade, as is generally predicted.

This is how the painting looks like:

GBPJPY Prediction Q3 2002 | Trading Cocktail

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Key points:

  • The friction between the BOJ’s monetary stance and market bets is expected to return if global recession worries soften.
  • Japan is looking to achieve sustainable inflation after long period of low inflation.
  • No sign of peak in U.K. inflation
  • Long-term technical confirmation on GBPJPY chart.


GBPJPY Prediction Q3 2002 | Trading Cocktail
Still very sustainable inflation for Japan


Steady raising U.K inflation 



The Japanese central bank also stated it would continue to offer to buy an unlimited quantity of bonds at a fixed rate on a daily basis, showing its intention to defend its own YCC framework. Just last month it was compelled to buy a record quantity of bonds to protect its yield ceiling.


GBPJPY Prediction Q3 2002 | Trading Cocktail


The BOJ’s extended holding pattern and its inclination toward more easing signal it is still prepared to risk a further weakening of the yen and additional attacks on its yield cap as it pursues its goal of steady growth with sustainable inflation. This is the main reason on our GBPJPY Prediction Q3 2022.

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When trading fundamental carry trade always remember that it is most likely to work on risk-on mode in market. Especially when you are trading yen which is a safe heaven currency. Always take a careful look on the risk appetite in market and take advantage in day trading if there’s a temporary risk-off mode.

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