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Dead Cat Bounce All Over The Place?

Dead Cat Bounce All Over The Place? | trading cocktail

Dead Cat Bounce All Over The Place? Markets rebounded in some highly dumped instruments after the Asia session’s sharp declines, some little progress was made in the Ukraine crisis, Ukrainian negotiator says talks with Russia is now started. The threat of a crisis is heightened by the imposition of new sanctions, which include those affecting Russian energy. US 10Y yield …

U.S. Indeces After Open

U.S. Indeces After Open | Trading Cocktail

S&P 500 Up 4.94 Points, Or 0.11 Percent, At 4,520.49 After Market Open  Nasdaq Up 22.43 Points, Or 0.16 Percent, At 14,262.31 After Market Open  Dow Jones Up 4.55 Points, Or 0.01 Percent, At 35,136.41 After Market OpeN

Stock Market Withdrawal Symptoms

Stock Market Withdrawal Symptoms Trading Cocktail

Stock Market Withdrawal Symptoms start to kick-in and in the need of immediate help. Easy liquidity has benefited a variety of asset classes, including equities. And it become deep rooting addiction as the injection dose is at all time high, which make the asset classes fly hi into the moon. What happen when the dose of injection is decreased? Well …