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EUROZONE Economic Releases

ECB's Villeroy: On Ukraine Crisis We Will Assess In Our Governing Council In March The More Indirect Consequences On Inflation And Growth, And We Will Be Facts Driven | Trading Cocktail

German ZEW Survey Expectations Feb: 54.3 (est 55.0; prev 51.7) ZEW Survey Current Situation Feb: -8.1 (est -6.5; prev -10.2) ZEW Survey Expectations Feb: 48.6 (prev 49.4) Eurozone Trade Balance SA Dec: -9.7Bln (est -4.7Bln; prev -1.3Bln; prevR -1.8Bln) Trade Balance NSA Dec: -4.6Bln (prev -1.5Bln) Eurozone Employment (Q/Q) Q4P: 0.5% (prev 0.9%; prevR 1.0%) Employment (Y/Y) Q4P: 2.1% (prev …