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Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst

Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst | Trading Cocktail

Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst. Debunking mystic beliefs of clueless fanatic technical analysis traders. Fundamental Analysis trading and trading psychology point of view. Humans are hardwired to look for patterns and significance in the world around them, and they frequently mistakenly believe that doing so provides insight into the future. The human brain is a pattern-spotting machine by default. Processing …

World’s Major Currencies Epistemology

World's Major Currencies Epistemology | Trading Coktail

World’s Major Currencies Epistemology. The currencies of the world’s most important economies. They have names and backgrounds that are as unique as the countries they come from. The Dollar The name dollar is used in a lot of places. Including many countries, like the United States,  Canada, and Australia. All three of these countries get their silver coins minted during the Middle …