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Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst

Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst | Trading Cocktail

Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst. Debunking mystic beliefs of clueless fanatic technical analysis traders. Fundamental Analysis trading and trading psychology point of view. Humans are hardwired to look for patterns and significance in the world around them, and they frequently mistakenly believe that doing so provides insight into the future. The human brain is a pattern-spotting machine by default. Processing …

Why Aussie Dollar will Continue Rising? Aussie Dollar Analysist

Why Aussie Dollar will Continue Rising? Aussie Dollar Analysist | Trading Cocktail

Why Aussie Dollar will Continue Rising? Aussie Dollar Analysist. The Australian Dollar continues to climb as commodities across the board soar on shrinking supply as a result of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions imposed by the West. Industrial metals, precious metals, soft commodities and any energy product not flowing from Russia or Ukraine are being …

Inflation, Why it is Important for Traders?

Inflation trading cocktail

Economical reports are considered to have notable effects on the financial markets with some clear ramifications for the Forex market. In this article, we will dive into Inflation. Which is in this current 2022 texture of macroeconomic condition is very important.   Why is it important? It is essential information for a currency’s macroeconomic outlook. This economic indicator may also …

Fundamental Analysis for Traders | Part 2

fundamental Analysis

  Welcome back, I hope you enjoy and learn something in the first part of fundamental analysis for traders. In this part two, we will take dive into more economic fun stuff to learn about fundamental analysis. Today we going to discuss:   Interest Rate Parity If a currency rises or falls in value against another currency, this imbalance must …

Fundamental Analysis for Traders | Part 1

Fundamental Analysis

Introduction to Fundamental Analysis The relative validity of the two basic techniques to market analysis: fundamental and technical analysis, is one of the most heated controversies among financial analysts. Although there are some differences between fundamentals and technicals, both analyze the reasons of market movements and attempt to forecast price action and market trends. Financial and economic theories, as well …