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Gold Near Term Prediction

Gold Near Term Prediction | Trading Cocktail

Gold Near Term Prediction, after the massive double top and as the US10Y settle above 2% and will likely to continue grinding up, overprice gold amid the war will going into more down trend. Gold down $125 since hitting this level and it’s severely overbought in the short-term. Check our article on gold trading gauge to have same view here. Looking at the …

Gold Trading Gauge | Simple logic

Gold Trading Gauge | Simple logic | Trading Cocktail

This should be an easy to follow as broad picture of sentiment/fundamental of gold. We always use this as gauge in gold trading.   Gold Trading Gauge, The ‘Why’ Insight: The other way to keep your money is to put it in a savings account or into bonds that aren’t very risky and will pay you interest. People who invest …

XAUUSD Trading Guide

XAUUSD Trading Guide | Trading Cocktail

Fundamental Point of View In this XAUUSD Trading Guide, we will take a look on: The inverse relationship between yields and prices. In expansionary mode of Fed, bond yield drop and the price is rise, USD rise. In tightening mode of Fed, Bond Yield up and price down, USD down. USD have positive correlation to Bond yields. And negative correlation …