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Elon Musk on Vaccine Polarization

Here we go again the pro-vaccine and the anti-vaccine. Like our latest post about the outlook on vaccines, we are still seeing the probable bullish economy. Omicron is the equilibrium between human and virus, massive auto vaccination, highly doubtful that the impact will be catastrophic. But as usual, we never married to some fixed idea, and keep eyes on the …

World record, U.S. reports 484,377 new coronavirus cases

Official Ponder What it means to be ‘fully vaccinated’ Latest US omicron update: Record caseloads have been reported in list of U.S. cities where vaccination are relatively high, including New YOrk, Washington, Seattle, San Franscisco, Boston, Atlanta and Detroit. Attachments Screenshot_1 (168 kB)106993750-1640611780067-106993750-16406117242021-12-26t184840z_2013001792_rc2hmr94v5wn_rtrmadp_0_health-coronavirus-usa-variant (52 kB)Screenshot_2 (49 kB)Screenshot_3 (89 kB)