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New York Session Heads Up | Feb 22 2022

New York Session Heads Up April 1 2022 | Trading Cocktail

What happened before this: UK announces asset freeze and travel ban on Boris, Romanovich, Rotenberg, citing close personal ties to russian president Putin Putin Orders Troops To Ukraine After Recognizing Breakaway Regions Kremlin Hopes Recognition Will Restore Calm; Still Open To Diplomacy Western Leaders Condemn Russian Escalation And Prepare Sanctions Germany Chancellor Scholz Halts Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Certification ECB’s …

New York Session Heads Up | Feb 17 2022

New York Session Heads Up April 7 2022 | trading cocktail

What happened before this: Havens Rise As Ukraine, Pro-Russia Separatists Trade Allegations Of Cease-Fire Violations Yellen-White House Split Slows Arrival Of Crypto Strategy ECB’s De Cos: Stimulus Scheme Should Be Data-Dependent IMF Backs ECB’s Easy Policy As It Sees Inflation Easing European Union Car Sales In January Lowest On Record Britain: Russia’s Putin Could Drag Out Ukraine Crisis For Months …