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Nasdaq and BTC Grinding UP on Not So Aggressive Powell

hike expectation

Chairman Powell’s testimony began with a hawkish tone and ended with a more moderate one on his testimony to congress. And the slight risk-on trades happening as BTC and Nasdaq grinding up above the consolidation area. In the meantime, this is the update on hike expectation for 2022:   

NY Open: All Eyes on Powell Testimony

Hawks on – Risk-Off or Hawks off — Risk On? Trading cocktail: Hawks on – Risk-Off | BTC/USD  drop   10% – 15% Hawks off – Risk On | BTC/USD   rise    10% – 15% Hawks on – Risk-Off | NASDAQ   drop   1% – 2% Hawks off – Risk On | NASDAQ    rise    2% – 4% Later on in the …

Powell to Testify on Next US Market Hour


The theme of a “more aggressive hike” appears to be gaining a lot of traction in the mainstream media. This smells fishy, and it could be another short term equities and cryptocurrency pump. This is our straightforward thesis, and only time will tell if it is correct.