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Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst

Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst | Trading Cocktail

Calling Bullshit on Technical Analyst. Debunking mystic beliefs of clueless fanatic technical analysis traders. Fundamental Analysis trading and trading psychology point of view. Humans are hardwired to look for patterns and significance in the world around them, and they frequently mistakenly believe that doing so provides insight into the future. The human brain is a pattern-spotting machine by default. Processing …

Trading Pareidolia Tendency & Technical Analysis

trading pareidolia

  It’s a happy Sunday, a good time for some trading education and trading psychology fun learning. Almost every trader starts trading by learning technical analysis and trading patterns, I rarely find traders learning fundamentals for the first time in their trading journey. We also see faces in cloud formations, walls, trees, etc. And religious people tend to see things …