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Gold Trading Gauge | Simple logic

Gold Trading Gauge | Simple logic | Trading Cocktail

This should be an easy to follow as broad picture of sentiment/fundamental of gold. We always use this as gauge in gold trading.   Gold Trading Gauge, The ‘Why’ Insight: The other way to keep your money is to put it in a savings account or into bonds that aren’t very risky and will pay you interest. People who invest …

Inflation, Why it is Important for Traders?

Inflation trading cocktail

Economical reports are considered to have notable effects on the financial markets with some clear ramifications for the Forex market. In this article, we will dive into Inflation. Which is in this current 2022 texture of macroeconomic condition is very important.   Why is it important? It is essential information for a currency’s macroeconomic outlook. This economic indicator may also …

Trading Pareidolia Tendency & Technical Analysis

trading pareidolia

  It’s a happy Sunday, a good time for some trading education and trading psychology fun learning. Almost every trader starts trading by learning technical analysis and trading patterns, I rarely find traders learning fundamentals for the first time in their trading journey. We also see faces in cloud formations, walls, trees, etc. And religious people tend to see things …